Having Your Windshield Repaired: 3 Facts That You Should Know

If your windshield has recently been damaged, there are a few facts that you should know about getting this damage repaired. Taking the time to review these facts outlined below will help to ensure you enjoy a successful repair experience, and ultimately help to keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum as well.

Fact #1: There Are Steps You Can Take To Help Prevent The Damage From Spreading

While it is always best to avoid driving your vehicle after suffering windshield damage, taking your vehicle off the road immediately simply may not be realistic. In the event that you must drive your vehicle for a short period of time after suffering a small crack or chip in your windshield, it is important that you take steps to prevent this damage from spreading.

This can be done by placing a piece of waterproof tape over the damaged area and ensuring that your vehicle is parked out of direct sunlight. If your auto glass is damaged during the cold winter months, you will also need to take steps to prevent the buildup of ice on your windshield until it can be repaired.

Fact #2: You May Not Require Prior Approval To Use Insurance Coverage

In order to use your insurance coverage to cover the cost of repairing most damages to your vehicle, you will need to obtain prior approval from your insurance company. However, this is typically not the case when dealing with auto glass repairs. This is because repairing damage to your auto glass falls under the category of emergency repairs. These are repairs that must be completed as quickly as possible in order to prevent additional damage from occurring.

In most cases, you will simply need to bring a copy of your insurance policy with you to the repair shop in order to use your auto glass coverage. After verifying the validity of your insurance policy, the repair shop will take care of filing a claim with your insurance company for the cost of the repairs.

Fact #3: Most Auto Glass Shops Will Come To You

If you are struggling to find time in your busy schedule to have your windshield damage repaired, you should know that there really is no need to alter your schedule in order to complete this task. This is because most auto glass repair shops will offer mobile services which allow you to get the repairs you need, regardless of where you are. For instance, if you can't take the day off of work to have your windshield repaired, simply have the mobile repair unit meet you at work. By the time you are ready to go home for the day, your windshield damage will be a thing of the past.

A Final Thought

Your windshield plays an important role in protecting you from injury while driving. If your windshield glass has become damaged, it is important to ensure this damage is repaired as quickly as possible. For more information on the repair process or to get the answers to any questions you may have, be sure to contact a reputable auto glass repair shop in your local area.

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