How To Figure Out If You Need Auto Glass Repair Today

You should not drive around with a crack in your windshield; not only is it unsafe, in many states it is also against the law. Use this guide to figure out if you need auto glass repair today or if you can wait a few days to get your windshield repaired.

Clean The Area

The first thing you need to do when you think you spot a chip in your windshield is use a glass cleaning product to clean your windshield. Often times, dirt and debris that gets stuck on your windshield can look like a chip in your glass, which is why you should clean it before you do anything else.

If the "chip" you think you spotted is not there after you clean your glass, you don't need to do anything else. However, if the spot is still there, you need to move on to the next step.

Determine The Size Of The Crack & The Appropriate Action

Next, you need to figure out how large the crack is. The size of the crack will determine whether you should repair or replace your windshield.

Small Crack

If you can cover up the crack with a quarter, you need to take your vehicle in for chip repair. You will need to schedule an appointment for a chip repair with a local auto glass repair company. A chip repair can be done pretty quickly; you can probably get it done on your lunch break or on your way home.

Large Crack

If the crack is larger than a quarter, and the lines from the crack extend outward more than a quarter of an inch, you may need to have your glass replaced. Large cracks cannot be repaired; instead, you will need to replace your window.

Replacing your windshield is a little more complicated than fixing a crack. Your entire windshield will need to be taken out, and a new one will need to be installed. After the windshield is installed, it is generally recommended that you don't drive your vehicle for a couple of hours so that the glue used to install your new windshield has time to settle. If you drive too quickly, you could compromise the installation process.

Often times the best choice when your entire windshield needs to be replaced is to have a mobile glass repair company come to you and change your windshield out while you are at work or while you are at home so that your new windshield has enough time to cure before you drive.

Once you determine the size of the crack, you need to schedule the right type of appointment in order to get your windshield fixed today. The longer you wait, the larger the crack could spread, which could compromise your vision when you are on the road and lead to a ticket. Contact a company like All Auto Glass for more information.

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