Three Driving-Related Habits To Remember When Your Windshield Is Chipped

A chip in the windshield of your vehicle isn't something you should ignore. Even if you have a busy schedule, it's important to make time to visit an auto glass shop like X-Treme Auto Glass or others to have the chip either repaired, if possible, or have your windshield replaced entirely. If you ignore a windshield chip, it can quickly turn into a large crack that spreads to impede your vision and even compromises the structural integrity of the glass. If you can't visit an auto glass shop right away to have the problem addressed, here are three things to remember that can help reduce the chance of the chip expanding.

Steer Clear Of The Carwash

Even if your vehicle is dirty, it's best to avoid heading to the carwash or washing your car at home in your driveway until you've had the chip repaired or your windshield replaced. During the washing process, water is forced into the tiny chip and can cause it to expand. Additionally, it's best to refrain from the use of your windshield wipers until you have your chip problem addressed, as they can push water into the chip and further damage it. However, you should always use your wipers if you're driving in rain or snow; protecting the chip is less of a priority than staying safe behind the wheel.

Do Your Best To Avoid Vibrations

Any type of sharp vibration can create an impact that causes the windshield chip to expand in size. As such, avoid taking bumpy roads, such as those that are unpaved, and try to detour around roads that you know are notorious for potholes. Use a mobile map app to check construction zones in your city, as these often have bumps that could cause damage to your chipped windshield. Finally, keep the risk of vibrations to a minimum by closing your doors, trunk and hood as gently as possible.

Be Gentle With Temperature Changes

If the temperature outside your vehicle is overly hot or cold, you'll be tempted to use your air conditioner or heater accordingly. Doing so, however, will change the temperature of the windshield rapidly, which risks expanding the chip. In hot weather, avoid the use of your air conditioner in favor of cooling the interior of the vehicle by lowering your windows while you drive. In cold weather, warm the inside of the vehicle moderately by opening the floor vents instead of using the defroster.

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