Windshield Air Leaks: Risks and How To Locate Them

Hearing a strange noise that seems to come from your car's windshield can not be only unnerving, it can also be a sign of a serious safety hazard. The sound you may be hearing from your windshield could be from the wind leaking through it. Learn more about air leaks in windshields and how one could become a serious problem in the event of an accident.

A Leaking Windshield Is Unsafely Compromised

When your windshield is properly installed, there are no air leaks. Air leaks mean there is an area in the sealant adhesive that is keeping your windshield in place. If an area in the seal is not adhering, the windshield may not offer enough for your bag to provide you with protection in the event of a serious crash. Your car's windshield is the backdrop your airbag pushes off from after deployment. If the windshield is compromised, the airbag will simply push it out, leaving with a lot less cushioning during an impact. Bear in mind, your windshield is also a vital part of protecting you from being injured or killed by the top of car should it get crushed in, such as in the case of roll over accident.

How You Can Locate A Wind Leak In Your Windshield

Locating a windshield leak can be helpful when you have someone come to your home for its repair. Locating your windshield can help save you money for diagnostics like the ones preformed with an electronic ultrasonic leak detector professionals use for detecting air leaks. All you will need is a roll of masking tape to easily learn where the noise you hear is coming from your windshield and, if so, where the leak is located:

  • Cut the masking tape into several pieces, each one about two feet long.

  • Place the strips over the seal around your windshield, making sure it sticks well and covers the entire seal.

  • Drive down the road at the speed you usually start hearing noises. Stop your car and take off one of the strips.

  • Continue driving until you hear the noise again. Stop again and take another piece of the tape off. You will continue to follow these steps, taking off one piece of tape at a time, until the noise stops.

  • When you take a piece of tape off and you no longer hear the noise, the place you took off the last piece of tape is the area of the leak.

Once you have determined the location of an air leak around your windshield, having it repaired is extremely important to yours and your passenger's safety. One of the easiest ways to have your windshield repaired is by calling a windshield repair and replacement professional that will come out to your home. Contact a company like FB Glass for more information.

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