Windshield Damage And Repair Misconceptions

Despite the fact that the windshield is one of the most visible parts of a vehicle, it is common for car owners to be uninformed concerning this part of the vehicle. This lack of awareness and information can open the door to encouraging individuals to believe myths that they may hear about this part of the vehicle.

Myth: Windshield Replacements Are Always Covered By Insurance

When a windshield has suffered particularly severe damage, repairing it may not be a possibility. Unfortunately, individuals may delay having their windshield repaired due to assuming that their insurance will always pay for a replacement. In many instances, insurance policies may only cover the costs of minor repairs to windshield specific damage. Furthermore, policies that do provide for replacement of the damaged windshield will often require the claim to be reported fairly quickly.

Myth: Windshield Damage Always Occurs From Debris From The Road Or Other Vehicles

While impacts from debris from the road or other vehicles are the most common sources of windshield damage, there can be other causes of this problem as well. For example, hailstorms can be devastating to a windshield as these iceballs can strike with enough force to crack and even puncture through the glass. Furthermore, debris falling from branches hanging above the vehicle can be another common cause of this damage. Investing in a suitable covered storage area for your vehicle can protect this glass from these common sources of cracks and breaks.

Myth: A Damaged Windshield Is Not A Serious Concern

Car owners can easily fail to fully appreciate the scope of the safety hazards that damaged windshields can pose. For example, the cracks in the glass can make it harder to see details while you are driving, and severe cracks can even create entire blind spots. A windshield that has major damage to it will also be more likely to fail when it is struck by small pieces of debris.

Myth: It Is Time-Consuming To Have Minor Windshield Damages Repaired

Repairing windshield damage soon after it forms is usually the best approach to take with this problem. This will prevent the damage from worsening while also minimizing the safety risks that can occur from these damages. While many types of vehicle repairs will be extremely inconvenient or difficult, windshield repairs can be one of the more convenient. In addition to being a fast repair to complete, there are mobile repair providers that will be able to come to where you are located to complete this work.

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